Looking after my daily water intake is something that I am continuously working on. I never realised how much you really need to drink in order to feel good and be healthy. This was highlighted to me by my partner, who also happens to be a PT (handy!).

Most of us go through life not drinking the recommended amount of water and think that we feel fine, so why is drinking at least 2 litres of water a day so important?

Well, drinking water helps you both sleep better and it also increases your energy levels. This is because your body needs water to function, if you are not giving it the water it needs, your body will start to “slump” and then you will feel exhausted.

Drinking water also promotes weight loss, it is said that water can increase your metabolism and therefore, burn calories faster. Water also keeps you full and you’re therefore unlikely to eat more food. In fact, most of the time, when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty.

You will also get less headaches and have clearer skin if you drink more water. This is all down to hydrating your body, you are again, giving your body the water that it needs.

Considering all of the above, you will find that your mood will start to lift, you will have a better outlook on life!

Since I’ve increased my water intake, my mood and sleep have increased dramatically, and I’m definitely going to continue to drink a lot.

2 litres of water seems like a lot to take in, so I’m here to tell you how I am able to drink so much.

The most effective thing I have done since focusing on my water intake is purchase a water bottle with times on. It sounds silly and sounds as if I am treating myself like a child, but you’ve got to be simplistic with this stuff. Not only that, my water bottle has a straw, I’m not sure why, but I always drink more through a straw.

With the different times on the water bottle, I find myself sticking to them as much as possible. I see it as a bit of game, that I have to drink a certain amount by a certain time.

I’ve linked a bottle similar to the one I use below. This bottle is 900ml so you will literally need to fill it twice a day. If you click on the photo below, it will take you to the bottle so do check it out:

If it seems like a lot of water to start with, try increasing your water intake slowly over a few weeks. You’ll begin to notice that you look and feel so much better and then soon enough, drinking 2 litres a day seems like nothing at all.

I really recommend that you make this small change to your lifestyle and gradually increase your water intake. It’s something that we all overlook but yet it is extremely important for our body as it needs water to function.

Good luck!




Since the gigantic rise in use of social media, self validation through the source of “likes” has become a massive issue, to the point where some people are slowly detaching themselves from the real world.

Social media is so powerful, it opens up a fantastic amount of opportunities for everyone, however, it does have some serious downfalls.

If you’re constantly on social media, posting and looking for the “likes”, or panicking if you don’t reach a certain level of “likes”, then you need to re-evaluate your life.

One of the main reasons people are looking for these “likes”, is because they are severely lacking in self love.

Imagine not having social media, there would be no one to impress and no one to tell you how amazing you are. So what do you do? Well, the issue here is that previously, you have been relying on others through a screen to make you happy and boost your ego for half an hour. So without that, try and do it for yourself.

Self love is so important, you do not need to feel it through “likes” generated through an electronic screen by people you have never met.

If you feel that you’re addicted to social media and the “likes”, see if the advice below will help.

  1. Stay off the internet for two hours before you go to bed. “TWO WHOLE HOURS?!” I hear you say? Well, I can guarantee you that nothing is going to happen in those two hours that is so important that you NEED to be scrolling through your timeline. Read a book, or listen to audiobooks/podcasts. Not only are you getting out of the social media hole, but you’re also learning new things too.
  2. Take a walk every now and again, and don’t take your phone. You’ll feel this incredible sense of freedom just being alone with the fresh air. Honestly, people underestimate the power of fresh air, it will do you wonders.
  3. Delete your social media for a week at a time. Obviously, you will want to see what your friends are up to so I wouldn’t suggest deleting it permanently. But, if your friends are actually your friends, they will have your phone number and will be able to text you. You’ll find that you will have so much more free time!

You will not start to love yourself until you stop relying on others to boost your ego through “likes”. If you use the above points by taking time out for yourself and actually learning about yourself, soon you will begin to find out who you are, enjoy your own company and learn to love yourself. The importance of the “likes” will soon be just a faded memory.